About Us

Company Background

The Pinnacle Experience was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1992. The company vision was to facilitate the education of healthcare professionals who have a proclivity to succeed. The companies teaching principles are based on the experience of Joseph T. Thompson, DMD, MAGD whose practice was born on the cutting edge and continues ahead of its time in concept and practice. The many ideas that grew and nurtured his exceptional practice are the core competencies of The Pinnacle Experience, Inc.; they are the basis for the growth and development of those exposed to these traditional, yet innovative, concepts. Key to the presentation of materials is that they be expressed in a congenial and easily understood format so that learning becomes fun.

The company has amplified the learning experience at many prestigious universities, professional dental and medical organizations and at various healthcare systems throughout the country. The company not only offers seminars and workshops ranging from one to 8 hour sessions, but individual coaching for personal practice development. The Pinnacle Experience, Inc. uses a cadre of professional resources in law, accounting, marketing, public relations, practice management in cooperation with successful clinicians to provide a total, balanced experience.